Cryogenics – this is, what we love and we can help you with.


BUT - main focus of our company EW Bridge (EWB) is YOU, our customer.


EWB has broad experiences in utilization of liquefied industrial gases,

such as liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR)

as well as liquid natural gas (LNG)

which are used in many cryogenic applications.



These “liquids” mentioned above are mainly produced by liquefaction

using several technologies.

If you need any support in the field of micro and small liquefaction,

Please send us your request to


We are here for you.

Sample of LNG liquefaction



When we have these “liquids” available,

they need Cryogenic Distribution Equipment (CDE)

as CDE is generally used to handle, store, transfer, and supply

liquefied industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon among other gases. Recent growth in LNG market is pushing the demand for CDE in this industry as well.


CDE is our hobby and we are here for you.

What do you need?



When you need just hardware supply as

Storage tanks

Liquid Cylinders


Vacuum insulated piping

Something different?


Please send us your requirements to


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LNG Applications


We have experiences with building “LNG virtual pipeline”.

If you need anything from following LNG application:

Small and Micro Liquefaction plants

 Truck loadings facilities

 Bunkering stations

 Marine fuel systems

River fuel systems

Fueling stations

Regasification plants

Let us know to


We are here for you.



Do you need complete solution

Evaporation station for Airgases

Filling station for Airgases

LNG Satellite station

L/CNG fueling station

Please send us your challenge to


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Project management

We have experiences with project management in cryogenics as well.

Do you need any kind of project support, expediting etc?

Please describe us your requirements and send to


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We can provide Cryogenic Process support as Process Calculation, Process Flow Diagram, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram?

Please send us description of your process to


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Energy and Power

We have broad range of experiences in Energy and Power Supply sector

as we are working with proven partners.

If you would like to solve your problem in:


- Combined heat and power supply,

- Power, heat and cold cogeneration,

- Highly efficient local production of electricity,

- Production of electricity from waste heat,

- The production of electricity to cover peak demands,

- Exchanger units for heat and cogeneration systems,

- Back-ups and redundancy systems in the power supply,

- Special machinery powered by internal combustion engines,


Please describe us your requirements and send to


We are here for you.





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